Technical Staff

Our Policy

The NDGSA believes strongly in developing their coaches and especially their players as we believe that players will enjoy playing the game more if they learn to play the game properly. 

This includes not only their technical soccer skills but also the development of their physical abilities, their communication skills and their ability to work in a team format. 

To accomplish this, the NDGSA has developed a highly qualified technical staff of 8 professionals to support our coaches and players.

The Technical Director of the NDGSA and the competitive division is Mahfoud Tahri assisted by Mencef Rebah, Amal Benmoussa and Hamid Souibes (Goal Keeping).

The Technical Director of the recreational program is Christian Horst Schuller, assisted by Calin Ordean, Ovidiu Tucudeanu, and William Veloce.

Competitive training

The competitive program for boys and girls begins at the U9 age level. Mahfoud and his team focus on working directly with the players and their coaches on a weekly basis. 

The technical and motor or physical skills are emphasized with the younger players to encourage their physical development. 

Strategy and team building skills are taught at the young ages as well although there is a greater emphasis on these aspects as players age.

This training is provided to U9 to U14 competitive players throughout the year, and to U15 and over players upon request from their coach.

Recreational training

The recreational program for boys and girls begins at U4 – U17. 

The emphasis is on skill and physical development especially with young players. 

Christian and his team has developed programs for all seasons of the year including regular training for players in team formats and special soccer schools that are available in all seasons of the year. 

During the summer program, each player will have the opportunity to practice in a team format with a professional every second week. 

Some age groups can attend the Summer Soccer School every Saturday for free. 

Everyone has a chance to practice with our professional team during the Spring, Fall, and Winter Soccer Schools at a fee. 

Soccer in NDG is a year round sport!