Become a referee

Become a referee or assistant referee!

Just like any player, referees and assistants are an integral part of the game…learn how to keep a match running smoothly and make it fun for all involved…a learning and growing experience that can begin at 14 and continue for many years at many levels; from amateur to professional…and earn money for your efforts.


CENTRE NDG – 3757 Prud’homme


You can register as a referee/assistant with NDGSA.

We welcome male and female candidates, of any age, but you must be at least 14 before June 1st, 2017 (so born before June 1st, 2003 or older).

NDG Soccer Association will pay for your certification training and provide your referee uniform (jersey, shorts & socks.)

New referees

Please sign up at one of our registrations or at .

Give us your name, age, email and phone number.

You must participate in the two day referee certification course in April at Centre NDG, 3757 Prud'homme.

If you pass the course exam, you are a referee!

Referee candidates must bring:

  • Photocopy of their health insurance card
  • 1 photocopy of their proof of residence (with the same family name)
  • Bilingualism is an asset

If you are not currently registered as a referee, please contact us at (514) 488-7784 or by email at

Returning referees

Please confirm your return at